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    結合理論與實務; 強化量化與質化研究方法之平衡
    結合理論與實務; 強化量化與質化研究方法之平衡
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    翻譯研究所 專精五大領域:人文及歷史、財經商貿、外交法政、科普及社會科學領域
    翻譯研究所 專精五大領域:人文及歷史、財經商貿、外交法政、科普及社會科學領域

2016 應用語言學暨語言教學國際研討會 (ALLT)

2016 International Conference on Applied Linguistics & Language Teaching (ALLT)


摘要收件延長至 201615

Abstract submission extended to January 5, 2016

投稿請至/ Abstract submission: http://alltntust.wix.com/2016allt


Conf. Date: April 15-16, 2016



Conf. Venue: National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


主辦單位: 國立臺灣科技大學 應用外語系

Conference Organizer: Department of Applied Foreign Languages

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology



Conference theme: The True Path to Individual and Global Literacy




In 2016, the ALLT conference intends to return to the foundation of language teaching and learning, seeing the acquisition of literacy as the ultimate goal of the entire business of language education. Therefore, abstracts that explore the development of curriculum and materials, as well as those with discussions about input, the learner, the teacher, and the acquisition process are welcome. Topics include, but are not limited to:




論文主題 Topics 

1. Second language acquisition 第二語言習得

2. Second/Foreign language teaching and learning 第二/外語教學及學習  

3. Reading, writing, and literacy 閱讀與寫作

4. Language education and teacher development 語言教育及師資發展

5. Educational technology and material development 教育科技與教材發展

6. Language testing and assessment  語言測驗與評量

7. Autonomous learning 自主學習

8. Sociocultural perspectives in language acquisition 社會文化理論與語言習得

9. English for specific purposes 專業英語

10. English as a lingua franca and world Englishes 世界英語    

11. Corpus linguistics 語料庫語言學

12. Translating and interpreting 口筆譯


專題講者 Keynote Speakers (in alphabetical order): 

​1. Angel M. Y. Lin, Ph. D. 練美兒 (Full Professor (tenured) at The University of Hong Kong)

2. Chen-Ching Li, Ph. D. 李振清 (Professor Emeritus at Shih Hsin University)

3. Dorothy M. Chun, Ph. D. (Professor at University of California, Santa Barbara)

4. Stephen Krashen, Ph. D. (Professor Emeritus at University of Southern California)



 摘要投稿須知 Abstract Submission


 The conference invites abstracts of no more than 300 words in English for double-blind peer review. 


 摘要(Word PDF)請至 http://alltntust.wix.com/2016allt 上傳完成後請至上方Step 2進入填寫作者資料

 Please go to ALLT website to submit your abstract: http://alltntust.wix.com/2016allt  and please fill in the author's info form(Step 2) after submitting your abstract.


本會歡迎摘要經審查通過者將群文投稿至本系發行之學術期刊,英語語言與文學學刊 (Studies in English Language and Literature)

 Authors whose abstracts are accepted are encouraged to submit their papers to the referred journal issued by the Department of Applied Foreign Languages of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology: Studies in English Language and Literature. 



論文發表形式 Types of presentations (All in ENGLISH)

 個別論文 (Individual Paper): 每篇口頭發表的論文應為具原創性之完整研究,發表時間為30分鐘,包括510分鐘的問答時


 Individual Papers: Papers are formal presentations on original and complete research within a 30 minute period, including 5 to 10 minutes for discussion.


 主題論壇 (Panel discussion):每場論壇由34位學者參加,針對特定主題進行90分鐘的討論。論壇召集人請提交摘要描述

  Panel Discussion: A panel is formed by 3 or 4 scholars centering their discussion on a particular topic within 90 minutes. The panel organizer should submit an abstract delineating the theme of the panel, including each panelist’s statement explaining his/her standpoints.


 工作坊 (Workshop):為時45分鐘,以教學示範或是教材運用為主,並提供與會者主動參與的機會。每場工作坊的摘要需包括 工作坊之展示目的及工作內容。
 Workshops: Workshops give opportunities for demonstrations of teaching or use of materials in a 45 minute timeframe. The audience is expected to be actively involved. The abstract should include the purpose of the demonstration and the tasks to be performed. 


 論文海報 (Poster):海報請以有利於資訊傳遞之視覺方式呈現,即以圖表為主。每位論文發表人將有60分鐘的討論時間。

 Posters:  Posters are especially effective for information that can be presented visually (e.g., charts, graphs, tables, diagrams). During the hour-long (60 minutes) poster presentation period, the presenters will be available to answer any questions about their projects.



重要日期 Important Dates  

摘要截止日:   201615

Abstract call deadline: January 5, 2016

審查結果通知日:  2016127

Notification of acceptance:   January 27, 2016

會議日期: 2016415-16

Conference date: April 15-16, 2016

期刊特刊(The SELL Special Issue) 全文收件截止日: 2016615

Full paper deadline for the SELL Special Issue: June 15, 2016 


The Special Issue will be published in February 2017. 

2016 International Conference on Applied Linguistics & Language Teaching (ALLT)
Dept. of Applied Foreign Languages
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan
TEL: +886-2-27303602
E-mail: to=alltntust@gmail.com" target="_blank">alltntust@gmail.com